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A Letter For Myself

Dear my 2018 me,
2019 is at the end of the corner and here you are. Let's do some recap. 
I know your heart got beaten pretty brutal this year because of so many reasons. Boys, adulthood, got rejected by some companies, not unleashing your best version on some opportunities the universe has given to you and also how the world around you have been a very cruel and full on injustice. You can't stand by that, you know it. 
You also have to say goodbye to so many things, especially your comfort zone. You have to pick yourself up alone because of no one else will pick you up after you got hit by a train so hard you even think you wouldn't make it until the end. You also need to take more responsibilities than you used to. You're thrown into adulthood in a year. 
But look at you. You're standing still, rock solid. No matter how hard the wind blows. 
You never say no to new things. You embrace it. Either your first bowling game (that you've also won in your friendly …

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