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Crossing My To-Do-List, Short Getaway and...... : On Being An Unemployment

Since the last time I wrote, I still haven't got a full-time job. Yet. Pray with me, guys.
Like I said, for the past 3 months, I can do so many things. It feels like a holiday but the difference is, it is happening every day. 
Remember when you take a long vacation and then you feel "Oh, I still got spare time until my flight home. I don't know what kind of activity I can do." Then you're just there, lying around your hotel bed and staring blankly into your ceiling? Well, that happens to me after about a month of unemployment. The difference is, I did it all day long. Kidding, I still got chores to do from washing my clothes and preparing a dish (sometimes, for breakfast or lunch). But after that, that's it. I came back to my room staring at my ceiling, blankly. 
Honestly, unemployment is brutally cruel. When you sleep, you just feel guilty. Especially when you went into bed after staring at your friends Instatories about their activity at their office or they r…

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