CSI New York

Hi guys!

Now,I'm really in love with
CSI New York !!

CSI New York is about NYPD Crime Investigator life.With some love around it,conflict,tragedy.That's way too cool.And the series also inspire me to get a job in NYPD.Hahaha..such an unstabile teenage I am.
Omygod,the casts are so gorgeous !

Mac Taylor (figured by Gary Sinise) is effin cool !

He's such a great team leader.He care about his team,the conflicts between their team and so on and so on.

Don Flack (figured by Eddie Cahill)

with those baby blue eyes,he's such a coool man.I mean look at him ! Poor Don,his girlfriend (Det.Angell) got shot on what season ? Doh ! I forget ! But yes..he's very sad after the death of his girlfriend.He never care about his looks anymore after the incident.

Danny Messer (figured by Carmine Giovinazzo) such an Italian man !

He's goooooorgeous !! He's totally breathtaking you know ?
Lindsay Monroe (figured by Anne Bellknap),Danny's wife.

They already had a child,names Lucy.And Mac is Lucy's godfather.Lindsay is such a cute but smart girl.

Jo Danville (figured by Sela Ward) ,i don't really know her because the only CSI NY I watch is the 4th season.I haven't watch the other.While,Jo play in CSI NY from the 7th season.

But I do love Stella Bonaserra (figured by Melina Kanakeredes),

she was dating with some of crazy boy.But,Yes,it just crazy you know ? Imagine if one day,your boyf send you a Parachute to your home.Even you don't know this boy very much.Crazy huh ?

And don't forget..
Sheldon Hawkes (figured by Hill Harper) our genius doctor !

I'm not really like him but he's just very cool.Some bios said that he graduate from college when he was 18.Whoooooa :O It's an epic TV series you know :D the casts are so gorgeous! The storyline is very interesting.Go watch it !