Hey Blog !
So,I want to tell you about my MOPD.
It start from Monday 18th July - Saturday 23th July.
It was the greatest time of my life probably,we cry a lot,we laugh too much and many more.It's kinda emotional.
My class is on X-1 my class name is Dewata.
I have 30friends in this class and they're so effing cool.Loud,emotional and many more.
It will be too long if I wrote all of the story.
But I want you to know our SENTRA and KORLAS and all committee.
Let's start with KORLAS.KORLAS is a bunch of OSIS member that guide us through the MOPD.
Kind of sad when they're all separated by SENTRA on Friday 22th July.We cry for our KORLAS.
But in the end,we found them in a classroom.We saved them !

And here are some info about SENTRA.
They're totally cruel to us (ehehe..) they told us to do some task
such as 2000words essay,15 page of Diary,10 copy of MOPD rules and many more.
But the fact is,they're very kind to us in the end.

Here are some of our KORLAS,SENTRA,PJ Acara,etc.

the girl on the right is Kak Silmi,my class KORLAS

Left to right : Kak Riri (PJ),Forgot (eehehe),Kak Anien (my class Korlas)

Unfortunately,I didn't find any Kak Dhito's photo,my class KORLAS too

Left to right (the two girl in the left excluded,because they're KORLAS)
Forgot,Kak Mila,Kak Sindy
2 boys on the right is Kak Dunan and Kak Aradan.Kak Dunan is KORLAS while Kak Aradan is PJ Acara

the smiling girl is Kak Meiga

Left to Right : Kak Hasan and Kak Sukma

Kak Fahmi and Kak Adilfi

Kak Wibi,the cruelest SENTRA ever (ehehe,sorry kak)

This is Kak Bagas,He's the Chief of MOPD this year

And the #35 formation ! We did it ! Commanded by one of our pal,i forget his name hehehe.

It was an amazing week ! That's unforgettable moment of my life so far.
I'll tell you more about MOPD later guys,bye !

source of photos : Kak Farie and my pal Twitpic


  1. When I read this article. Suddenly it reminds me when I used to at my highschool. High school for men only, no instructor like you had one, treated like Indonesian Special Forces Soldier but we were so highly motivated to follow all the training, we were hit physically and mentally. The end of the senior year, we received the medal of honor and recognize as a Man and survivor. Because, there's plenty number of boy who hadn't survive all the training.

    Untill this day, we like insulting each other when memorize all the high school things : how could we survive this high school so great?

    Welcome to high school, as Bowling For Soup's songs saying : "HIGH SCHOOL NEVER END!

  2. koreksi dikit, kak ardan bukan PJ acara, PJ acaranya kak miftah hehe :)


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