I Do Love Books!

Since I was a child,my parents taught me to love this activity,reading.Because as wise man said,Reading can expand your knowledge.So,I start reading everything.From the advertisement on the street,tickernews on TV,even little things such as an ingredients in the shampoo.
Speaking about reading,it has a strong relation with books.If I love reading,I also love books.
I read most of all genre.From novel,comic,encyclopedia and many more.
But mostly,I read novel.Novel is my guilty pleasure and I really love it.If I go to a bookstore,I can buy about 2-4 novels.
I'll tell you about my favorite books (recommended!)

First of all,Because I really love travelling,so I bought some travel books.
Here are some of mine

I also like History,so here are some of my dad's and brother's collection.

Well,actually I have a History novel about Hitler existence in Indonesia.The title is The Excaped,written by Rizky Ridyasmara,the author of Jacatra Secret.But my brother still read it now.So,it's like we're exchanging novel.
My favorite is Graphic Novel,in a journal format.You know Diary Of Wimpy Kid ? That's my favorite :) 

Well,don't blame me because I'm a teenager but I still read those novel.It's exciting to read! You should read it when you feel bored.

And..of course,Comedy! My favorites are Feridiriva Hamzah's and Raditya Dika's.Their novel is written by true story so I think it's funny because it's true.

Now,I'm reading on this book


Because I want to get into Criminology Majo in College and Criminology has Investigation Journalism in their learning program So I think it's better to start earlier to learn this thing :)

Keep reading!