Eat Pray Love

I just watched this movie.
That's 3 words that could describe this movie

Starred by Julia Robert,James Franco,Javier Bardem,Christine Hakim
and many more.
It's about a woman name Liz Gilbert that finding her true balance
after her divorce with her husband,Stephen.She travel to Italy to feed
herself and have some fun,India to find peace and do pray there,Bali to find the balance.
You have to watch this movie! This is an incredible movie you've ever seen.
After I watched this movie,I really want to travel to Italy soooo bad,learn
Italiano,taste the food,and have some fun there.
You know what ? This movie can inspire you a lot.I think I just adore
the way Liz Gilbert find her new life with travelling.She travel to 3 different
country to find her missing piece of her life.
I guess I'll see ya around,Ciao!
p.s : You-have-to-watch-this-movie !