The Next Glee

Watch out Glee! Seems you have a competitor,

Starred by Christian Bautista,Stephen Rahman Hughes,and many more.
Kitchen Musical is a new musical-drama tv series from Singapore.
In every episode,they cover a song,just like Glee.And it sounds uh-mazing!
So far,I love their Every Breath You Take,Faith,Hot n' Cold,Tik Tok cover.
You know what? Their casts are a-do-ra-ble! I do adore Alex (Stephen Rahman
Hughes),Avilon's Executive Chef,Daniel (Christian Bautista),Avilon's Sous
Chef,Maddie(Karylle),Mr.Avilon,Avilon restaurant owner,daughter.
And everytime I watch Kitchen Musical,I can't stand the dishes
looks.It's so yummy! And it makes me hungry all the time :9