The King's Speech

Just watched this movie,twice

It's an incredible movie about the struggle of King George VI
to cure his stattering with his unorthodox speech therapist,Lionel
Logue.Logue's training method is very uncommon and kinda
controversial.He prefer to call Duke Of York (King George VI)
as Bertie (only King George VI family call him like that) than Royal Highness.It also tell us about the condition in the British Empire
from King George V (King George VI father),King George VI brother's,King Edward VIII (known as David),the
Pre-World War II era,and more.
There's no doubt why this movie can get Best Picture award on
Academy Award.In my opinion,I like how the scene shooted.It's not
like any other movie.It's very smooth.Well,I'm not a movie expert but,I
just like it! Colin Firth also made a great appearance here.He can
do the 'stammering' in a magnificent way :D

You know what? There is one of Lionel Logue's son that look alike
Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl.British look but cery cute,haha.
And guess what,there are 2 Death Eaters from the Harry Potter Series played in this movie.
There are Helena Bonham Carter as King George VI wife,Queen Elizabeth and Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill.Also,the deceased Hogwarts Headmaster,Michael Gambon as King George V.
It just,Splendid! Go watch it :)
Happy Chinese New Year! Ciao!