Sleepless In Seattle

It's December. It's closer to the end.
And yep, it's closer to UAS too.
I can believe how time flies very fast now. It's a blink of an eye.
Anyway, I've got 4 days of holidays from my school because my teachers are having some training. So we....have more time to prepare for UAS. But, I'm not doing what my friends did. When they study hard earlier, I just watched some movies and take some rest. You know, sometime high school can be very mean to you. The daily routine that never stop easily? Well, I need some time to chill out from those things. So I decide to study later.
One of the movie I watched recently is.......
Sleepless In Seattle

I've watched this movie loooong time ago. Many people said that this movie, are great. So I watched it again (thanks to Icha) and yup, now I can tell you that this movie was a great romance movie.
This movie is starred by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
The story begin when Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) loses his wife because of cancer. He and his son, Jonah start a new live in Seattle.
18 months later on a Christmas Eve, Jonah calls into a radio show and tells that he wants a new wife for his father. After he persuade his father, Sam finally wants to talk on air and tells how much he misses his wife. After that interview, many women all around the country start sending letters to Sam telling how much they've been touched by his story.
One of the listener is Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), a reporter that already engaged by Walter but she feels something missing from their relationship. Annie start sending letters to Sam and she wants to meet him on the top of Empire State Building on the Valentine's Day. Will Sam and Annie find each other on the top of Empire State Building?  You have to watch this movie!
 Gotta go, post you later. Now I'm (seriously) preparing for UAS. Ciao!