My Favorite British TV Series : Sherlock

Recently, I fell in love with a series called Sherlock.

Sherlock Opening Credit
Sherlock is a British television crime drama about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's greatest detective character, Sherlock Holmes and his doctor partner, John Watson on this 21st century. You won't find this serial as classic as the books. In fact, the title of the episode is modified into something new. Example : On the book, you will find that there's a story titled "Study in Scarlet" but in the series, the title changed into "Study in Pink" (honestly, I haven't read all of Sherlock Holmes' books :D)  But the solution and how Sherlock solves the case remain the same. He still use something he called "The Science of Deduction" That's the way how Sherlock could solve the case by not only seeing the crime scene or anything linked to the case, but also with observing it. In this series, Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Sherlock Holmes.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The first time I heard his voice, oh my god! He got that seriously-killing-me-softly British accent. With his rich and deep voice like Alan Rickman, it makes Sherlock Holmes look totally sexy :D

And, Martin Freeman portrayed Doctor John Watson
Martin Freeman

Can't wait for Sherlock third season!