Officially Retired :')

Late update!
Smansa Depok got the 1st and 3rd place on
Kompek 16 : Strategy Economic Quiz, one of the oldest
Economic Competition held in Indonesia by Fakultas Ekonomi
Universitas Indonesia.
My team! Aya-Bimbim-Sintia

Lia-Jabbar-Piter the first winner *sembah*
Me and Ami, anak 4 Denpasar  :'D

Actually, it also means that I am officially retired from
those competition things in Senior High. It was
one of my biggest hit in Senior High because I never
win any National competition (or olympiad) before haha.
Hope I'll be one of Kompek 17's staff. Aamiin :)
I'll tell the story on my next post. Ciao!