Clear Blue Sky

Staring into a perfect clear blue sky is one of an activity I always do to clear up my mind and boost my mood. When I look into a clear blue sky, I feel relieve and calm. I believe that there’s something that always attracts me to look up to the sky and try to persuade me to lie down on a surface so I can stare into the sky and moving clouds and that’ll be the time when everything become very peaceful.

Sky and clouds. They’re always together, and they’ll always be. Clouds are a playful yet attractive girl while sky is a passive and calm boy. Clouds never get tired or bored to seek a new place, while sky is always there. Not moving on from the corner of the atmosphere. He’s always there. From the time atmosphere was created, sky has been keeping his feeling to clouds. But clouds never pay attention to sky. Clouds were too busy looking for a new place. Sky protects clouds from many dangerous things. But, sky never tell clouds about his feeling but he always proof that he’ll be there wherever clouds go. And that was a great unrequited love story from sky and clouds that I created in the middle of my tasks *round of applause*

Looking into a clear blue sky with your best friends is the greatest feeling you’ll ever feel in this whole world. I did that last Thursday with my best friends, Agung and Madin. We were very lazy to go to the class so we just sat in the Taman Makara’s bench while staring at the sky and the beautiful Makara fountain in the middle of Taman Makara. I felt very peaceful there, so did Madin. Well, there was a time when I looked too high and then the sunlight stung my eyes. And suddenly I felt like a vampire.  While we sat and relaxed (also tried to forget that I’ll be having a quiz on my next class), we talked about a lot of things. One of them was a recent news about the body found in Perpusat lake (yes, UI is a favorite scene to do such crime action. So, be careful!) this midday (yes! After I prayed, Madin told me that there’s a body found in a lake near Perpusat. And words spread so quickly. By the time I came into BPM’s Sekre and I told about the news, everyone told me that everyone that came to Sekre, already told that news). After that, we did some analysis (or a speculating act?) about the case. We did it with CSI’s style *put on an bullet-proof vest*

Tomorrow is the midterm week. Happy midterm week everyone! Hard work always beats talent, they said.