A Letter For Myself

Dear my 2018 me,

2019 is at the end of the corner and here you are. Let's do some recap. 

I know your heart got beaten pretty brutal this year because of so many reasons. Boys, adulthood, got rejected by some companies, not unleashing your best version on some opportunities the universe has given to you and also how the world around you have been a very cruel and full on injustice. You can't stand by that, you know it. 

You also have to say goodbye to so many things, especially your comfort zone. You have to pick yourself up alone because of no one else will pick you up after you got hit by a train so hard you even think you wouldn't make it until the end. You also need to take more responsibilities than you used to. You're thrown into adulthood in a year. 

But look at you. You're standing still, rock solid. No matter how hard the wind blows. 

You never say no to new things. You embrace it. Either your first bowling game (that you've also won in your friendly match with your fellows after you taught your own self!) or your first conference presentation in front of audiences. You never get comfortable when you have to present in front of audiences, especially by yourself, but look at you. Answering those damn three questions with your trembling voice. But you did it! 

You never say no on facing new challenges. Either confronting personal and family problems or taking an internship on a division you even never dare to dream about. You landed on the finish line of your bachelorhood safely because the universe supports you. Every step of your journey leads to that point. 

How is that even possible? 

Sometimes you think that you lose your safety net. The fact is, you don't really lose yours. You just got the new one. Maybe it feels unfamiliar to you but at least you have it. But don't forget. You also have the opportunity to weave the net even tighter with the old braids on your net. This is probably the year you connect and reconnect with others more often than the past years. Be grateful for it. They're the reason why you are still here.

More importantly, it's because you always believe in yourself that everything will fall right into its place in the end. And sometimes, you don't have to figure it out at the beginning. Just go for it. I always adore your courage in embracing new things. 

Keep believing in yourself. 
Have your faith in everything universe will throw to you.
You deserve yourself a hug. Tons of it.
And some new adventures in 2019 because I know you'll make the most of your 2019. Just like you always did in the past years.

You're more than enough. And you are ready to embrace it :) 

Warmest regards,
Your almost 2019 self